Thursday, February 14, 2013

True Love...

~ A very good article about True Love. But I don't know who the original writer is... ~

True love accepts you for who you are and who you will be; there must be no pretensions.

True love understands each other's individuality. Allow you to have wings so you can fly at your own sky.

True love never will leave you mangling with your own quota of defeats but always will be there through the barricades.

True love promises nothing but believe that action speaks for itself. No amount of words or amount of money that equals the true caption of love.

Bear in mind that falling in love and the feeling itself is incomparable yet it is neither an assurance nor a guarantee that your relationship will last long or for keeps.

Till death do us part? Maybe. But you two must go together in the same direction at approximately the same speed. If one of you is moving too fast don't think that the other is moving too slow.

Remember, patience is a virtue that carries a lot of waits and true love will not only survive in a here and now situation, true love survives through the test of time. Mostly hard times.

Easier said than done? Well.. for those who opted not to use my own plate.. I don't mind it's your life not mine anyway. The choice still is all yours. Take it or leave it.

Anyways, to all you people out there who are falling in love and who are already in love, keep the feeling, nurture the feeling, preserve the feeling... together.

"Till death do us part?’’ Possibly. ( hope so)..

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